About Us

Modesto Jewelry was founded in 1902 as a goldsmithing service provider in the then small town of Puerto Plata starting from the limited space of a house. At the end of World War II in 1945, Juan Modesto, and the second generation of the family, decided to take their equipment and services to the city of Santiago de Los Caballeros, where they established their watches and silversmithing on the Restauracion street.

Later, after 25 years of experience in the United States, Victor Modesto brought modern equipment and the same tradition of trust to Modesto Jewelry when it opened its doors on the San Luis Street in 1990. The same establishment where today it continues to offer its services.

Now in the fourth generation, in 2014, Howard Modesto opens Modesto Jewelry's doors at the distinguished Plaza International of Santiago. To give customers the same experience, seal of excellence, and a new vision to the new world of jewelry and watches representing the company.

A jewel is a distinguished symbol of refinement and elegance, which through its beauty transmits the sensation to possess the infinite. What to say about watches? Surely the same with a point: their beauty further transmits the feeling of owning the time. The inspiration and experience, gained over the century and generations, have made Modesto Jewelry a reference in the sector of fine jewelry and watches.

As jewelry professionals and from our establishment, we are required to set an example of professionalism of who we are and what we sell; an example of trust and honesty to advise each customer about their best options at all times.

From this page, we want to supply and ensure the needs of our customers in the area of ​​jewelry and watches. You are welcome to leave your jewelry and watches for the specialized services we offer.

"Modesto does know about Jewelry"